The Midden Realm

Overview – The Midden Realm is the name for a scattering of states that resulted from a separation from the Aemillian Empire. These states were considered to be border states in the wilderness as they were acquired from the wilds infested with Goblinoids. As such they were the farthest in both distance and political sense. They are analogous with Europe in the 13th century; fractured, a fluxing state of peace and war between the states, and comparatively quick social and cultural development(think renascence levels of art/literature/political tumult).

Power Structure – The power structures within the individual states vary wildly, most are feudal states while some hold onto the republic of the Aemillians while even fewer have developed a democratic system.

Geography/Meteorology – The lands of the Midden are withing The Hasfarth Woods, The Lessil Marshes, and The Sleeping Hills. It is a temperate land, with the traditional four seasons. It is relatively wet, drought is almost un-heard of in this area. The only truely dangerous weather are sea-borne storms and early winters.

Cultural – The midden is a marraige of the culture of the barbarian tribes that originated here as well as the Aemillian Empire that conquered it. The result is a strange mish-mash of traditions grafted from the humans of the West and then the functioning societal structures of the Aemillians. The culture can be easily related to pre-renascence Europe, a place on the cusp of a revolution of new ideas and innovation.

Technological – The midden has similar technological capacity as the Aemillians, minus about a hundred years, and a lack of unilateral funding.

Historical – The midden is the result of decades of civil war within the Aemillian Empire. As the conflict came to a close, the rebels came together to create a new new empire known only as The Midden Empire. This was then ripped apart due to conflicts surrounding Damian Jarro and his necromancy. The fractured states would continue to rip apart and still continue to this day, the current states are reffered to the houses of the Midden.

The separate houses of the Midden are as follows:

The Midden Realm

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