The Crags of Sargath

The Crags of Sargath are the jagged peaks of the norther Mountains of Cear-Boros. They are on mainland Gesca as well as the two islands Mekret and Thumill-Kaldov.

These mountains are akin to the Cear-Boros, except for their intense cold, winds, and dragons.

The mountains are a far more dead, far more dangerous than the mountains to the south. Virtually no vegitation is to grow in their ranges, and as such, surface races have very little influence upon the crags.

Dwarves, on the other hand, call this ‘land’ their’s. Their fortresses of stone and fire are the bulwarks against the cold wastes above and their warriors against the beasts of the rime.

The only other significant humanoid race to make their stand is the far Acolytes of Dunzer. Their lack of flesh and blood make them perfect vassals for the colonization of this far waste.

Naturally these two clash with each other often, but nothing compared to the devistation of the Dragon Wars. These conflicts occur between the aged Red Dragons and the militant Silver Dragons.

There are a plethora of minerals and powerful magics to be found in the crags.

Make a Knowledge Check 30.

The Crags of Sargath

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