Physical Description – Hobgoblins stand half a head higher than most humans. Their skin is rough and ranges between orange and brown. Their teeth are more pronounced and have an extra set of canines. Their ears are pointed, but not as extreme as elven ears. They grow very little hair, but most do have facial hair, abet most shave. They have three fingers and a thumb on each hand.

Society – Hobgoblins form the head of the Goblinoid society, they are the movers and shakers. Often times they take precedent over the other races when it comes to priorities. They often times are slated as wizards, generals, soldiers, and politicians.

Relations – Hobgoblins, as with all goblinoids, are universally hated by most of the other sapient humanoid races. Often times they are only safe within their own societies and as such many don’t leave them. Within their own societies they are viewed with a mixture of awe and fear, they hold the keys, without their approval there is nothing.

Alignment and Religion – Hobgoblins are driven to create and uphold laws and strictures as much as they are willing to follow them. Thought they have this penchant for order, they still contain a naturally self-serving nature along with it. As such, most hobgoblins are LE. As hobgoblins are trusted with the ultimate success and safety of goblinoid warrens, the hobs revere Garmuth, Pyth, Zencth, and Acobi.

Adventurers – Hobgoblins often times will strike out in a campaign to reclaim their homelands. They tend to be headstrong, seeking the restoration of their homelands regardless of the consequences. Others go so find their fortunes, fame, or some other goal.


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