Zilo, The Verdant Thunderhead

Alignment/Domains – TN/ Water, Destruction, Weather, Death

AscendentsThe Devourer, Aralan

Influence – Zilo is death and thunder, the primal beat that destroys and decays all things, ripping winds, torn ligaments, cold blood, this is the face of Zilo. He is the lord of the rains and wind, paradoxically causing the balance of nature to continue it’s path. He is not malevolent, he is the end and the one you will meet when you leave, and when you come back. He is often represented as a cloud with two thunderbolts dropping below. He is the consort of Nemeal, and the two of them rule over the natural world.

Rituals – The rituals of Zilo are tied into the calling of rain and the banishment of winter. As the lord of death, he is the one responsible for the ferrying of souls to the REDACTED.

Dedicated Clerics – The dedicated clerics of Zilo are 1 part rain-man, 2 parts necromancer, and all mystery. Most of them are secretive, and their churches are often closed to the public. What little people do know is mainly known from the wanderers of Aralan, as these cleric-bards are tasked with the calming of the tumultuous seas of Hynthia.

The Devourer Psions on the other hand, are the followers of a ancient and dark entity that far outpaces even the dragons, he is the first and the last predator. Offerings given up to the King of Maws is given in vain. His cult is as secretive as they wish to be, often times finding support in Yudrigian warriors or individuals with the ‘predator’ instinct.


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