Zencth, The Infinite Abacus

Alignment/Domains – N/ Earth, Law, Artifice, Magic

AcendentsGarl Glittergold, Agrippa, Baccob

Influence – Zencth is the lord of geometry, numbers, and the maker and keeper of the natural laws. He is the dubious assistant of Grai, he perpetuates not chaos, but the keys of Grai, ways to curcumnvent the will of Grai through technological advancement. Fires gave warmth, houses softened rain, metals gave men teeth greater than the wolves. He is the driving force of innovation, but in the quest to innovate, he has created flaws within his designs to stop the opening of the eternal gates.

Rituals – The Zencthites are known for their rituals known internally as ‘Muses’, the ritual is used to incite pure creative power unto the individual, with various levels of success.

Dedicated Clerics – The dedicated clerics of Zencth are an esoteric group to say the least, concerning themselves with the maths, the laws, and the muses dropped from Zencth’s holy lips.

The most notable of his dedicated clerics are the acolytes of Agrippa, these holy alchemists are considered to be the greatest of the Claw of Agrippa, the overseers and continuers of Agrippa’s intellectual lineage. Few understand the spiritual concepts behind such transmutations greater than the high chemists.

In competition, the gnomes of Concordance of Gail are the chosen of the Inventor King Garl Glittergold. He was the first Gnome to pick up the wrench, and the first still to teach his brethren the secrets of Zencth, bringing them out of their nomadic wandering.

Baccob, the wizard king, the original founder of the School of Dunhiem, was the single greatest spell smith who ever existed, his ability to manipulate the energies of the arcane have not been, and never will be replicated. His acolytes are dedicated to deciphering and discovery of Baccob’s lost texts, finding them, they believe, will bring about the a golden age for humanity.


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