Yudrig, The Morning Stallion

Alignment/Domains – CN/ Fire, Chaos, Strength, Travel, War

AcendentsGrummash, Aemillus

Influence – Yudrig is the patron of courage and impuse, the double-bladed sword of action itself. He is the wind that prompts creatures into action, regardless of the consequences. He, is brothers with Olak and is opposed by Acobi and Grai. It is Yudrig’s duty to bring action, and his domains reflect the influence he has on the actions of mortals.

Rituals – The rituals of the Yudrigians are usually tribal in nature; they are done to give physical advantages to the reciver of the ritual. Certain intoxicants, various dyes, and a special mixture are used to channel this ritual.

Dedicated Clerics – The dedicated clerics of Yudrig are a rowdy and relatively irreverent bunch. They are usually on the level of barbarians and almost crossing the line to druids. Their ‘churches’ are more often than not, gladiatorial arenas, battlefields, the open road, or anywhere that they feel the need to wander.

Grummash and Aemillus are the two ascendents of the stallion, both represent propensity for courage and the ability and want to wage war.


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