Trolls, Furem

Physical Description- True trolls, they are much larger than their kin, most stand about 10-11 feet tall, their bodies are quite muscular. Their incredible feats of constitution and regeneration make them legends among the savage races of Gesca.

Society- Trolls are noticably less refined and less intelligent than their diminuitive cousins, many of their societies are patriarchies and usually don’t grow farther than 1-3 familly units within one area. Their voracous appetites quickly force other races from their lands, inversely, they will quickly starve themselves if not able to command an area with some superiority.

Relations- The furem aren’t known for their clout and are hated for their intense appetites. Many civilized nations consider them on the same levels of Goblinoids. Trollkin, on the other hand, have a symbiotic relationship with these larger trolls. Trollkin’ capacity to support agriculture give them an expansive ammount of food, at least in comparison with foraging of the primitive trolls. As such, most trolls will take food from them, in exchange for hunting down(and eating) the hostile creatures surrounding the trollkin lands.

Alignment and Religion- Most Furem are TN, they feel the bonds of close knit socities, but at the same time are creatures of rage and their appetites. They are ultimately self serving, but will not purposely inflict harm on others. All trolls venerate Nemeal and Nilo as their patron deities, as such they are simmilarly reviered withing true troll society, but clerics and oracles are almost unheard of, most often it will be a druid fulfilling this role.

Adventurers- Furem adventurers are surprisingly common, as their headstrong and primal societies often lead to the ousting of mature bachelors from family units. They are often received negatively, but most will find themselves attached to mercinary companies. When attached to these groups, they are afforded some social amnesty, but not much.

Trolls, Furem

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