Physical Description – Trollkin stand a full foot above humans and their musclulature puts them on par with bugbear dimensions. Their skin comes in shades from deep indigo all the way to palid grey. As they are trolls, they have no hair and instead have ‘scales’ and quills. These quills are often cut quite like hair. Like all trolls, the nesh’alo have a terrifyingly powerful metabolism, and as such are able to quickly heal, even replacing lost limbs. Many have the darkvision, but not as developed as their larger kin.

Society – Trollkin society could be viewed as a hunter-gatherer commune that discovered agriculture, but continued to hold onto the traditions of the past. Most often, nesh’alo cities are fairly small, abet sturdily crafted from materials at hand. The center of the society rests with the oracles and druids of the town. As they are venerated, they will quickly find themselves to wield clout far greater than in human societies.

Relations – Trolls, in comparison to other races, are considered to be the least developed and sophisticated. Most other races have some form of prejudice towards them. Other than that, the only factions that mean ill against them are the Zildarians and the Aemillians. The main exports that the the nesh’alo give are their expert mercinaries and their relatively rare alcohols.

Alignment and Religion – Trollkin are quite fond of tradition and as such have a bent of lawfulness that permiates their society. While not evil, most trolls are selfish, abet most feel the need for family ties and societal sacrifice, ergo, they gravitate towards neutrality in the good/evil axis.

Adventurers- Most Trollkin will gravitate toward a state of wandering in their youth and young adulthood that will be sated once they find a suitable mate. This practice leads to about 20% of the troll population to be nomadic. These individuals will become laborers, merchants, vagrents, or more often, warriors for hire. Most adventuring trollkin are a representative of this social class. Most troll clergy on the other hand will be less likely to do such wandering, due to their central role in ‘urban’ life. Troll sorcerers and bards are the opposite to this trend, most all of them are permanently nomadic as their blood urges them to a life of action and tribulation.

Race Attributes subtract the level adjustment though.


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