The Woods of the Kreil

The Woods of the Kreil are so named after the oldest tribes of Trollkin that call this area home.

This Taiga is know for it’s immense trees, know as Yon-Donnolo firs. These coniferous trees are able to grow hundreds of feet tall due to their amazing sap. Their saps are used as fuel, and smaller saplings have a sweet sap that is often used as a food staple. Their berries are poisonous, but are easily digestible by Trolls.

The Area is fairly rocky, having a medium amount of mineral resources.

The area is far more deprived of water and proper river systems as they often freeze or dry up during the winter seasons. The off end of this is that the snow will melt quite quickly in the summer, causing flash floods with the first heat waves.

The area is home to the Gnomes, Trolls, and a sizable population of seasonal Centaur tribes, who come here for summer grazing. The land has a significant number of Goblinoid settlements. Such a mixture of races often causes inter species conflict.

The Concordance of Gail is the most powerful political force within the woods, as it is a conglomerate of the lose tribes, that isn’t saying much.

The Woods of the Kreil

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