Sagat, The Cackling Mage

Alignment/Domains – CN/ Chaos, Magic, Madness, Trickery

AcendentsHaborkabob, Venica

Influence – Sagat is the lord of chaos and magical influences, he is the brother of Gria, they conflict each other in that one wants rampant madness and chaos, whist the other is concerned with maintaining the status quo of Hynthia. He is the lord of mystic powers incarnate that corrupt and destroy the reality of Hynthia, as such, the REDACTED is his realm.

Rituals – The rituals of Sagat are concerned with the changing of reality as well as the amplification or blocking of mystical forces.

Dedicated Clerics – The dedicated clerics of Sagat are few and far inbetween, most of the worshipers of Sagat are found within the REDACTED.

Haborkabob embodies the raw forces of change and mutablity within the universe. His disciples are dedicated to REDACTED.

Venica, the sorcerer queen, is the goddess of powerful secrets and the terrors that they will bring forth. She is the first sorcerer, the first daughter of Tiamat


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