Pyth, The Bull

Alignment/Domains – TN/Earth, Destruction, Protection, Animal, War

AcendentsHeronious, Hextor

Influence – Pyth is the god of peace and commotion, causing and preventing conflict in all of it’s domain. He is oftentimes depicted as a large, golden bull. He also protects the flocks of the field, as well as those who consider themselves to be within his flock. Pyth is often thought to be a fickle and retributive god, as such, slights against the Bull are taken very seriously.

Rituals – The rituals of Pyth are to either incite or to placate anger and natural desasters of any kind, often time this process requires more knowledge checks citizen.

Dedicated Clerics The dedicated clerics of Pyth are bullheaded bunch, pun intended. They personify the protective, as well as vengeful nature of the Bull. Most of these clerics find themselves in military roles(a long tradition in the Aemillian Empire) and other groups that find themselves in conflict.

The brothers Heronious and Hextor embody the dualistic nature of the bull, one fighting for their own gain whist the other is doing so for the good of others.

The Taurus Brotherhood is a sect of Paladins and Clerics dedicated to the protection of the disinfranchised and downtrodden across the face of Hynthia. They follow the teaching of the warrior poet Heronious, and much of their tradition mirrors his actions recorded in the tomes known as the The Five Stars.

Hextor on the other hand, is the patron deity of those who seek personal gain through conflict, a warlord on a cosmic scale. No single organization is dedicated to his teachings, but many military forces throughout the Hynthia are composed of his disciples.


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