Orbus, The Crucible

Alignment/Domains – LN/Fire, Destruction, Magic, Sun


Influence – Orbus is the master of raw energy within the universe. He governs the way in which there is light, and the extinguishing of the same. Orbus represents the energy that results from the destruction or sacrafice of entities. He is represented by a burning pentagram.

Rituals – Orbese rituals are usually in the effort to extract energy from physical and magical materials. Further knowledge required citizen.

Dedicated Clerics The clerics of Orbus are a naturally secretive lot, most think they are demon worshippers and diabolists.

The Iosians are a group of dragon worshipers, as such they work within the domain of Io, the father of all dragons. Their practices are far and varied, some are sorcerers whist others are the subjects of the dragons themselves.


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