Olak, The Pinwheel

Alignment/Domains – CN / Air, Luck, Trickery, Chaos, Travel


Influence – Olak represents all that is carefree and meandering, often times he is represented by the wind. He creates all that is with joy and of erratic nature. Often times this puts him at odds with Acobi, and as such the two groups don’t often get along well.

Rituals – Rituals to Olak are often used to raise the spirits, to give energy or speed to the body. Often times the ritual is done in the presence of winds or emphasizes the breath. The focus for the ritual will often be a pinwheel or similar device.

Dedicated Clerics The dedicated clerics of Olak often times find themselves attached to the ascendents, rather than the god himself.

The Farlites are the guardians of the way, the holy monks of the crossroads. They are tasked with care of the roads and the protection of travelers They are dedicated to Farlingon, the old man of the the crossroads. Legends say that in his youth he traveled the wilds alone, his paths were later turned into the meandering roads and passages within the Ammilian Empire.


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