Nemeal- The Sprig

Alignment/Domains – CN/ Plant, Earth, Animal, Healing, Chaos


Influence – Nemeal represtents nature in it’s most pure and primeval. Nemeal brings life and vitality to the natural world, but such vitality often causes the most dangerous of predators to run wild upon the earth. Nemeal is the consort of Zilo, together they create the cycle of life and death upon Hynthia.

Rituals – Nemealian rituals revolve around wholeness of body or the growth of plants. Often times the difference between the druidic and clerical practices intertwine, heavy nature symbolism is involved heavily throughout all Nemealian ritual. The focus for the ritual is usually a oak branch covered with mistletoe.

Dedicated Clerics A fair amount of Nemilian clerics are also druids and rangers, depending on vocation. Nemealian clerics often lead hermetic lives, out caring for the wilds in which they shepard.

The followers of Pelor are relatively common and quite popular among human paritioners. The loose tennants of these traditions are sun-related and often occur during the planting and harvest seasons. Pelor himself was a mystical of the wilds who gave the gifts of agriculture and fertility to the young civilizations. Pelor, a guardian of life, was opposed to creatures of unlife and negative energy. Those who take up the banner of purging such abominations are known as the Brotherhood of the Dusk.


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