Lemaign- The Hammer

Alignment/Domains – LN Artifice, Glory, War, Earth

Acendents -Onatar, Urbanis

Influence – Lemaign is responsible for masonry, metal crafting, and the creation and destruction of wills. It is Lemaign who causes men to stand steadfast against all odds and to cower in the presence of the same.

Rituals – Most rituals to Lemaign happen during the act, hammering songs, small incantations over mortar, battle dirges and sacraments, all the same. Lemite rituals often times use crafting metaphor in their lexicon. The focus in most rituals to Lemaign involve hammers or similar working tools.

Dedicated Clerics Most dedicated Lemites are often found as holy craftsmen or as war priests. Often times they will be hired to give blessing over forges and likewise to the men on the eve of battle. Most temples to Legmain are found close to industrial districs and other centers of industry. They often times are made with the same excelent craftsmanship as their clerics will no doubt be building it from scratch. Often times the temple is never finished, but constantly build upon.

Onatar, The Smith of the Seven Winds was the greatest weaponsmith who ever lived upon the face of Hynthia, he was the first to use iron and steel in his creations, changing the art forever. His disciples attempt the same great feats of perfection that their patron achived during his travels. His race is currently under conflict as both the Dwarves and the Humans of the Steppes of Zon-Wo claim to his birth race.

The Arch-Designers of Urbanus are the disciples of the greatest civil engineer that the Aemillians have ever known. He the founder of the great city of Erani, and is now respected and honored by his dilligent brother hood of mason, bricklayers, and designers from all races.


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