Jevel- The Tower

Alignment/Domains – Healing, Repose, Death, Earth

AcendentsNerull, Ehlonna

Influence – Jevel rules over the tides of vitality and desolation. He causes youth and the aging of all mortals. Often times he is viewed negatively for the later, although the majority of his clerics are known for their great medicinal clout. Jevel is represented by a tall man with a one side of his face that of a young child, the other of an old man. Jevel is the brother of Lemaign and Zencth.

Rituals – The rituals of Jevel are either to increase or to decrease the vitality of those within the ritual. The rituals are often time centered around the dusting of a special mixture of reagents upon the body of the target of the ritual. The mixture is made from powdered building foundations and REDACTED.

Dedicated Clerics The clerics of Jevel often times find themselves as medicine men and midwives rather than holy men, more so out of necessity rather than choice. Temples of Jevel are usually built as hospices for the dying and sick. They are often times build with superior masonry thanks to the kindred nature they share with the masons of Lemaign.

The Cult of Nerull are know for their mallicous and vile practices, representing the decay of the material world, these necromancers propogate death in the holy name of Nerull.

Yholanda’s Medicus are the antithesis of the Nerullians, they are the wandering practitioners of Gesca‘s greatest restorative magics, know throught Hynthia as the masters of life in all it’s forms.


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