House Jarro- “The Ebony House”

The Scythe and the Wheat
“The dead need no words”

Overview- House Jarro is famous for it’s necromancers, the entire house fields and arms hordes of undead for all of it’s needs, mostly in the form of labor and men at arms.

Power-Structure- House Jarro is ruled over by Damian Jarro who is both king and high necromancer of the realm.

Geo/Meteorology- Knowledge Check

Culture- Very few commoners exist within the Ebony House, most of the citizens within are skilled laborers and servants for the upper class of House Jarro. As such most of the culture is swayed toward attitudes that the upper class approve of. Some of the old traditions still hold sway with hushes and whispers, especially Pelor worshipers.

Technology- Necromancers supreme. Knowledge Check

History- Knowledge Check


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