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Fortune and Power Await Thee Rogue!

The Footsteps of Grai is a campaign setting that has been my pet project since the fall of 2013, meant to be played with the Pathfinder Role-playing system. The game is a ramshackle combination of different role-playing games and many times I’ve ripped ideas from other works: this is part laziness and part reverence to the source material, with that in mind, I will try and keep the obvious rips to a minimum and assure that they don’t detract from the stories that take place within the setting.


The main attributes that holds in the Footsteps of Grai is the idea of playing in a world that has a hardier nature to the world, multiple factions on edge with each other and violent monsters and aberrations to overcome, but at the same time a world rich with resources and magic to complement the harsh nature. I wanted the game to feel inhospitable, yet not necessarily to the point of other games that are toted for their deadliness like 2nd Edition D&D and Call of Cthutlhu. Pathfinder facilitates this nicely as it maintains the rules built for a dungeon crawler and is easily built around loot, magics, monsters, and other classic tropes that tend to give a rather entertaining adventure, one that might not facilitate the most dire and serious story, but loosing it in favor of having that good game-play mechanisms and varied roles for the players to excel at.

To sum it up, I wanted to make a setting that is about being fun, yet flexible enough to cater to each player’s needs.

Home Page

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