Hensa- The Rose

Alignment/Domains – TN/ Plant, Repose, Charm


Influence – Hensa is responsible for sensation among mortals. The goddess of pain and pleasure, she is sought for obvious reasons. Hensa is represented by a woman, covered with cuts, scars, and bruises wearing a dark veil.

Rituals – Most rituals to Hensa are committed during the act in question, usually using a rose to draw blood as the main focus of the ritual, although any spined plant works. During the springtime in Gesca the Carnival of the Rose is the yearly event in which the common people go about their merry making.

Dedicated Clerics – The dedicated clerics of Hensa are regarded with both passive ignorance and jaded disrespect at the scandalous nature of their work. Most Hensain temples are or are built in brothels and other places of hedonistic revels.


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