The Contenient of Gesca.
Gesca, or the old world, is the eastern continent and is home to the Humans, Elves, Trolls, Gnomes, Goblinoids, Dwarves, and other relatively humanoid races. When estimating the creatures of this land, think of classical fantasy (LoTR and Conan, with a tad bit o’ European folklore/Oriental depending upon which side of the continent).

Geography: The lands of Gesca are separated by the Mountains of Cear-Boros. The Mountains run north to south along the center of the oblong continent, separating the different biomes.

The Crags of Sargath: Northern reaches. The crags are arctic to sub-arctic mountains in the hub of Hynthia. Smoothes into hills, but few plains are present. Few mounts are volcanic.

The Shining Wastes- These tundra are found at the northwestern edge of the continent. The wastes are void of most life and are almost perfectly flat.

The Woods of the Kreil- are taiga on the northwestern corner of Gesca. The area has relatively low hills and relatively few rivers. The area has brief yet warm springs.

The Hasfarth Woods- Temperate forest connected to the Kreil Woods. The area has a normal temperate cycle, steeper hills, and large amounts of melt-fed springs.

The Lessil Marshes- Marshes fed by the Hasfarth woods, flat river basins cause the water to pool and stagnate. Also contains multiple fens. Legendary for it’s bi-decade Dance of the Stars.

The Sleeping Hills- Area of large wide hills, relatively dry, but capable of sustaining crops. South of the Hasfarth.

The Jungles of the Zildar- Tropical forest at the southern to southeast of Gesca and the island of Slidranih. Relatively flat, and contains few precious minerals beside clays.

The Plain of White Horses- Extends up half of the eastern side of Gesca. Relativly dry and flat expanse. Legendary for their spinning storms and large herds of grazing animals.

The Steppes of Zon-Wo- Rocky desert, that extends up into the The Crags of Sargath. The wasteland contains large stores of rare mithral and salt flats.

Mountains of Cear-Boros- Large mountain range within the center of Gesca. The mounts reache such heights that the oxygen deprivation and intense snow are common dangers. Only Trolls and the hardiest of Dwarves can regularly make the journey across. The mountains are home to all sorts of dangerous creatures.


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