House Garrowsworn- The House of Waves

The Wheel and Serpent
“No chains, No emperors, Brothers All”

Overview- House Garrowsworn is unique in that the house has no traditional land holdings or so few that one wouldn’t consider them a nation. The house itself is contained in an armada of ships, barges, and islands off the coasts of the midden and the Zildaran coast.

Power Structure- What little structure and laws that the House of Waves has, are decided upon by the captains of all the ships of the fleet. Knowledge check.

Cultural- The seamen of Garrowsworn are known for two things, their rebellious nature and their hatred of the Aemillians. This puts them at odds with most of the pastimes and culture of the empire. Slavery and imperialism most of all they feel the most aversion to. This makes them one of the few societies within Gesca who could be called champions of the common man. Since most of it’s citizens are at sea or near the sea, scrimshaw, rowing songs, and other arts of the sea hold strong in the Garrowsworn armada.

Geo/Meteorological Knowledge Check

Technological The captains of the House of Waves are known to be the greatest shipwrights and sailors the world over, most of these techniques are carefully held secrets. Knowledge check or Profession Sailor check.

History- Long ago the armada was wrestled from the control of the Aemillian Empire by a mutineer Zorrak Garrowsworn over an issue with impressment of midden sailors.


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