Acobi, the Chain.

Alignment/Domains – LN/Fire, Nobility, Law

AscendentsSaint Cuthbert , Kol Korran

InfluenceAcobi is the goddess of binding and unbinding formal agreements, writs, contracts, and sentances. She is also responsible for the ritual banishment and binding of outsiders. Acobi is depicted as woman weighed down with chains and strips of parchment. She is the consort of Lemaign.

Rituals – Most of Acobi’s rituals take place within courts or places of bussiness, often time clerics of the order will be called upon to officiate the transaction/contract. Chain symbology is heavily used within the rituals and montras used by the clergy.

Dedicated Clerics – Dedicated clerics of Acobi are seperated into two distinct groups, the Courts of Cuthbert and then the Scribes of Kol Karran.

The Scribes of Kol Korran are responsible for the civil and mundane workings of the Church of Acobi, officiating lines of lineage, writs for money, contracts between businesses, and then what little money lending that is not done by the local goldsmiths. The scribes are the base that allows the church to support itself.

The Courts of Cuthbert are the more active sect of Acobians. The Courts of Cuthbertare more akin to pladins of the law, going out into the world and retriving criminals, payment, and the compliance with contracts. Often times the order is accused of being selfish and guided by greed, which is often the case, but on the whole the order attempts to weed out such heretical judges. They are often times not the primary executive authority within populuses, but happen to occupy high positions within the community as either capitains of the watch or as a local judge.


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