This section is for all of the non-standard rules that are currently planned on being used during my campaign.

The 20 is +10, and 1 is -10 rule.

These rules are to combat two awkward situations. The first being the aprentice blacksmith having a 5% chance to successfully make a masterwork full-blade. The second is the master-smith who has a 5% chance to botch a simple short sword. This seems to make the random roles a little too random. Characters who specialize in one skillset should not have a chance to ABSOLUTELY fail on that task. Instead of having a flat -10 for a 1 or a 30 for a 20, you would roll again and then apply a -10 or +10 modifier accordingly. This would not affect how criticals and auto hits/misses would function in combat.One can choose whether or not to adopt this rule.


With Pathfinder comes several new spell, one of which is the pit series of spells. These spells deal 1d6 x level falling damage + spikes + acid + being trapped until the end of the spell effect. This is far more powerful, especially toward creatures/PC that can’t climb/fly, than a conventional lightning bolt or fireball. In my opinion, these spells break the game as being a nuke of great proportions. I will not use, or allow PC’s to use the pit series of spells. In the future I might implement a way in which they are used as a trap spell, but for now magical pits are off the table.


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